Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement PBL Mentor Kidplan  

This privacy statement tells you how we process your privacy and about the purpose of the processing. PBL Mentor takes your privacy seriously and we will ensure that we process information we have about you in line with privacy legislation. Personal information is all information and considerations that can be associated with you as an individual. This may include, for example, your name, residence, e-mail address or technical information when using our services. In this privacy statement, we provide you with information about how we use and protect your personal information and the privacy rights which you have.  

Privacy officer   

If you have any questions regarding our processing of personal data, please contact our personal data officer by e-mail at:   

When is PBL Mentor AS data processor and processing manager?  

PBL Mentor as is both a data processor and a processing manager in PBL Mentor Kidplan. Below is a brief description of what the different roles mean and when PBL Mentor AS is one or the other. We want to make our customers aware that PBL Mentor AS processes all personal data in accordance with the legal requirements of the Personal Data Act.   

Data processor  

A data processor is someone who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller. PBL Mentor as is a computer processor for the kindergarten when you register personal data in PBL Mentor Kidplan. When entering into an agreement, a data processor agreement is entered into on how we as a data processor administer this data.  

Data controller  

A data controller is someone who collects personal data for a particular purpose. In addition, the data controller shall provide a processing basis and ensure that the personal data is processed in a secure manner (access, correction and deletion). The head of the kindergarten is responsible for the processing of data that is processed in PBL Mentor Kidplan. PBL Mentor AS is responsible for all data which we collect in connection with an agreement concerning PBL Mentor Kidplan. In addition, we are responsible for the processing of personal data which we collect when you have questions about the product, want information about the product or want to sign up for our events and newsletters. We do not collect any data beyond the intended purpose.  

What data do we collect?   

When entering a customer relationship, information such as company name, postal address, first name and last name of the daily manager, e-mail address and telephone number is collected. We need this information to manage the contractual relationship, including create user access and billing.   

The information is stored both in our internal customer relationship system at PBL and PBL Mentor Kidplan when user access is established. Only employees of PBL have access to the customer relationship system. No information from this system will be shared with companies outside PBL. 

When you visit our websites, we use analysis tools from Google Analytics to provide an overview of how the different features of our solutions are used to manage and improve our services. Data collected for this analysis is processed in an anonymous form and cannot identify the use of the solution by individuals. Furthermore, we use Microsoft Application Insights to analyse traffic, performance and error monitoring. This information is also anonymous and cannot identify individual users. See separate page for information on using cookies. Our web servers store IP addresses when you visit our websites in order to detect any misuse of our services. The IP addresses are stored in logs outside of the services provided and are only available to operations personnel at PBL Mentor. The logs are deleted after 14 days.   

Using the Kidplan parent app, we use analysis tools from Microsoft Application Insights and Microsoft App Center to analyse traffic, performance and error detection, as well as Google Firebase Cloud Messaging to be able to send messages with notifications and reminders to the app. The information registered during the analysis is anonymous and cannot identify individual users.  

If you have questions about the product, want information about the product or want to register for our events, we collect your personal data to provide you with answers to the request. In these cases, it can be your first name and last name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number. The legal basis for collecting personal data is based either on fulfilling contractual obligations or collection based on what is called a legitimate interest. This means that we need this personal data in order to provide good customer service.   

Data that is processed in the solution   

The kindergarten is the data controller personal data that is registered in the solution. For any questions related to this, please contact the kindergarten. As a provider of the Kidplan service, PBL Mentor is the data processor for the following personal information:   

The child   

Name, last name, picture, date of birth, registrations made on the child in the child’s history, free text information and documents related to the child who attends the kindergarten.   


Name, last name, relationship to child, e-mail, address, postal code, consent, telephone and free text information.    


Name, picture, phone number, e-mail and free text information about employees who have user access to PBL Mentor Kidplan.   

Processing basis  

The processing basis that is described in article 6b of the General Data Protection Regulation is the reason for collecting personal data for which we are responsible. This means that PBL Mentor AS collects personal data in order to fulfil and conclude a contract.   

How we protect your information   

Disclosure of personal information to others   

To deliver the services to our customers and users of the solution, we use external suppliers for certain functions in the solution. All processing of personal data that is disclosed to such providers is regulated by data processing agreements and is used only for the purposes agreed upon by the service. All data that is exchanged is stored within the EU (according to GDPR).  At PBL Mentor Kidplan, the following suppliers apply:  

  1. MailGun  

Used for sending e-mail from the solution. Data that shared with the provider is the e-mail address of the recipient and the message in question that is sent. See MailGun’s processing of this data.  

  • LinkMobility  

Used for sending SMS from the solution. Data that is shared with the provider is the telephone number of the recipient and the message in question that is sent. See for LinkMobility’s processing of this data.  

  • Statutory authority   

Storage time  

The personal data for which PBL Mentor is responsible for processing will be deleted from the solution as soon as the purpose which it was obtained for ceases (one month after the expiry of the agreement). Personal data which the kindergarten is data controller of will be deleted when the kindergarten instructs PBL Mentor as data processor about this. When the kindergarten carries out a deletion of information about registered persons in the solution (employees, parents or children), all personal data about the person concerned will be deleted and the use data of the person concerned will be made anonymous. It will not be possible to recreate personal data after a deletion has been performed.  

How PBL Mentor AS protects your data   

All data in the solution is stored in PBL Mentor’s own data centre in Norway and is only available to dedicated employees of PBL Mentor AS. We protect your stored data in various ways, through firewalls, access management, two-factor authentication and by controlling who has access to our buildings. Only authorised persons can access your personal data and we control their processing of personal data in the computer systems. In addition, all employees who have access to the stored data have signed a confidentiality statement.   

Your rights   

Access to your own data   

You may request a copy of any data we process about you.   
Read more about the right to access   

Correction of personal data   

You may ask us to correct or supplement data that is incorrect or misleading.   
Read more about the right to correct or supplement data   

Deletion of personal data   

In certain situations, you may ask us to delete data about yourself.   
Read more about the right to deletion   

Restriction of processing of personal data   

In some situations, you may also ask us to restrict the processing of data about you.   
Read more about the right to restriction   

Protest against the processing of personal data   

If we process data about you on the basis of our tasks or on the basis of a balance of interests, you have the right to protest our processing of data about you.   
Read more about the right to protest   

Data portability   

If we process data about you on the basis of consent or a contract, you may request us to transfer data about you to you or to another data controller.   
Read more about the right to data portability   

You may exercise your rights by sending us an e-mail to or  

You may complain about our processing of personal data   

We hope you will tell us if you think we do not comply with the rules in the Personal Data Act. Feel free to tell us first by contacting us or through the channel you have already established with us. You can also contact our privacy officer to seek advice and guidance. The privacy officer is under a duty of confidentiality if you wish to state anything in confidentiality. Contact our privacy officer:    You may also complain about our processing of personal data. This is done to the Data Protection Authority.