PBL Mentor Kidplan - Give parents all the information in one place!

PBL Mentor Kidplan makes it easy to register everything that happens in the kindergarten and keep parents updated.

Parent app

Communicate easily with parents! Share photos, calendar and send messages from the kindergarten. Parents can follow everything via the Kidplan app. There, they can enjoy everything you share and register, and send you messages.

Attendance registration

Keep track of each child. Use your mobile phone to enter nap times, diaper changing, attendance and holiday.

Counting lists on your mobile phone

Drop the pieces of paper! You can now register the children count directly on your mobile phone. Just as easy inside the fence and when on a trip!

Child folder

In the child folder, you can easily and securely save important documents about every single child in the kindergarten. Finally, you will find everything in one location, minutes from start-up/parent meetings, follow-up plans or documents related to the transition to school.

SMS notification

You can send out an SMS to the parent group or share from the parent group through the system. This way, you quickly reach all the parents during an emergency or other important event.


There are several consents which the kindergarten must obtain. These may be consent for photography, giving out address lists, special outings, etc. These can now be completed electronically. The kindergarten puts these into the system and parents can respond to the consent directly.

Own web page

A user-friendly and modern web page to promote the kindergarten.

Give parents a good first impression of the kindergarten. Present your kindergarten with a modern and clear website. We help you get started with the set-up of the site and you can choose between different designs, fonts and front page templates. The internet page is mobile-friendly and can be read and edited from both your mobile and tablet.